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Self Control is for Noobs

A hand-made comic about controlling and being controlled... Cain and Mauren.. well, mostly Cain, are sick of the banning over using their special powers in their world, and decide to flee into adventure.

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Just for fun, and maybe for your entertainment and better understanding of my not-so-cool creations I decided to make this page explaining a little bot of my world...

First of all, I dont like making stuff on earth, that doesnt mean I wont make a story on earth someday but there aren't any plans now, that is because earth is so real and everything has already be done in here, that it doesnt give me space for my own twisted rules, plus, if it happens in an alternate universe you can at least have hope it may indeed happen in a far away place in our galaxy in an alternate reality xD

So just for the record, all of my stories happen in their own world, where their might have their own culture, their own technology, or just be an alternate version of earth. Depending on the world they might be able to travel from one story's universe to the other, like for example Ben, from Labyrinth, came from Cain and Mauren's world, but that's just an extra to the fantasy and serves for no purpose whatsoever. I like to mix sci·fi and fantasy btw, so expect everything : D.


Speaking of nonsense, long ago I decided to make my own alphabet signs just because this letters looked cooler than common ones, of course. So if you find something written in most of my drawings it will be with those 'letters', now, I ussually like to write the english word, but written as it is pronounced, like in spanish, like, 'decided' would be written 'disaided', so i guess you need basic knowledge of both english and spanish to fully understand what is written.. Dont worry! this serves no other purpose but my own amusement, if anything is actually important it's be written with normal letters... this alphabet is just for decoration.. with a meaning D:



The Races


In the beggining of time, people had the power to control each other, this power came from the vitaeris, an energy present in their world. They could also transform into small shadowy creatures...


Neutral Humans

Due to simple natural selection, controllers started to lose their power, those without power were at disadvantage, so they moved out and started their own civilization, being powerless, the neutrals had a relatively more peaceful life, so their civilization grew way larger than their elders'.




The Banning Wars

Many generations before this story takes place controllers had fun wreaking havoc in neutral's colonies, this is why neutrals considered them an evil by nature and vicious race, nevertheless, neutrals outnumbered greatly the controllers, so they fought a war, allied with other powerless land creatures, to take the controllers out of their home. This resulted in the controllers being exiled to one of the moons, and banned from using their power. Of course, with time came rebels [like Cain's grandpa] with ideas like ''if we have the power it is for us to use them'' and stuff, none of this rebellions ever had success, they were quickly silenced.. with the pass of time and the bannings.. controllers forgot about their power, about the outside world.. The new generations were rarely taught about their history, a few knew they had powers and even fewer knew how those powers looked like. The controllers lived neutral humans' lives, only knowing that those with special permissions could go out of their moon. At the same time, neutrals didn't knew of the existance of controllers, and if they did, it was in the way of legends and fairytales..

I'll add a picture when I have time to make one... and an 'about me' page :)


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